Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{got by} floating, in the water singing Hallelujah

Alas, summer is in full swing. I've been home since graduation in May and haven't written ONE blog entry. The best intentions, yet zero execution. Summer has been great. Soon after leaving Fredonia I did take the time to reflect on my year and overall life as an undergrad. 

In fact, on the day before my birthday (May 24th) I took a drive up to Saranac Lake and spent the afternoon at my old summer camp, Camp Guggenheim. It was a beautiful time of reflection and rest. Lounging in the warmth of creation. 

Overall, my 22nd year on earth was a good one. The year of being an art major. Printmaking. Broken left foot. Firefly. Vampires. New friends. Goals achieved. A couple of tragedies. Hope. Graduation. Flowers. Oh life.